Lebanese Tradition

since 2010

Lebanese is who we are. Lebanese food is what we do naturally. Our recipes have been passed down from generation to generation and continue to evolve. Muncheez all started on the streets of Beirut with a passion for eating “Lebanese street food”. Lebanon has always been a mixture of cultures (East and West). To truly depict the culinary experience we live by in Lebanon we have added some great staples from the west. The foodie in us brought us across the Atlantic to share this with you!

Our Kitchen

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Lebanese cuisine incorporates the basics of healthy eating. Our own blend of herbs, spices and olive oil gives Muncheez the taste that keeps you coming back for more. We operate in an open Kitchen. Our shawarmas are made in-house daily by stacking fresh marinated meats on top of each other on a vertical rotating spit, then slowly roasted. We slice it to order, and serve it to you fresh and warm. Our Manakeesh, Wraps and Pizzas are sheeted, filled and baked for you to enjoy fresh from the oven.Spin it, flip it, fill it, fold it, that’s how we do the Muncheez crepe.

Our Team

David Nammour


David wanted to share his experience of life in Lebanon by creating a concept revolving around authentic Lebanese food, funky tunes, graffiti murals and good vibes.

How we can help you


Corporate Chef

Haidar is a Lebanese chef that has over 3 decades of experience spanning 3 continents. His personal touch, passion and love of Lebanese cuisine is a taste of Muncheez.

How we can help you